Use case Les Folies Gruss :
Enrich your database with new contacts thank to an online competition.

Les Folies Gruss

Result of the meeting in 1868 of Charles Gruss and Maria Martinetti, a young woman from a family of squires, the Gruss Company specialized in equestrian shows. Today, Les Folies Gruss shows include 24 artists, 50 horses, an orchestra, a singer and offers 1h30 of aerial, comic and musical equestrian scenes in the heart of Paris and in Béziers during the summer.

Les Folies Gruss takes place every year all summer in Béziers. Beyond a local audience, it is therefore also a tourist audience that the Folies Gruss must reach, with a strong aim of renewing their audiences each year. In order to develop its database with new addressable contacts, the team therefore imagined an attractive competition.
To do this, it relied on Arenametrix's tools and shared the competition on social networks.

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