CRM dedicated to your concert hall

You are a concert hall and want to multiply the magic of the experience-spectator?

Arenametrix brings a turnkey and easy-to-use CRM solution to strengthen the relationship between the audience and the concert hall.
Engage your audience and optimize room filling!

"We chose Arenametrix for its expertise in live performance and its ability to support us in training and development. His potential is promising for teams and our CRM approach."
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Public knowledge

Thanks to Arenametrix, develop a fine knowledge of your audiences: what are their socio-demographic profiles? When do they buy their tickets, how often? What musical aesthetics do they prefer, what are their musical tastes? Then adapt your communication according to the profiles: send a different and personalized message to the metal fan of 27 years who always buys his ticket in last minute and, to the amateur of Jazz of 35 years who buys his place a month in advance. Address the right message, at the right time, via the right communication channel (emailing / sms / social networks)!

Loyalty to your audiences

Centralize the data of your audiences then analyze  to understand the expectations of your audiences and propose tailor-made programming! Whether via email, sms or social networks, you communicate with your audience before, during and after the show in a personalized way. Thanks to the relevance of targeting Arenametrix CRM, no more spam!

Diversification of your audiences

Use the Arenametrix CRM platform to develop, renew and diversify your audiences. Thanks to its connection with the social sphere, Arenametrix offers you the possibility to send personalized messages to a similar audience to your current audience. 

Optimizing the filling of the room 

Fill your places thanks to the fine knowledge of your audiences. Define a targeted and personalized communication strategy, implement a subscription strategy adapted to the purchasing behavior of your audience and analyze their impact on your ticket sales daily.

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