Use case Estac :
Boost your visibility and your turnover thanks to an acquisition campaign.


Founded in 1986, ESTAC is a French professional football club based in Troyes at the Stade de l'Aube. The club evolves depending on the season in the first or second division. Since September 3, 2020, the club has been owned by the City Football Group.

For a professional sports club, local roots and identity are at the heart of its reason for being. Major occasions such as derbies or matches against the division's big names mobilize the regional community and attract the public in large numbers.

This is what ESTAC wanted to capitalize on during the reception of Paris Saint-Germain. In collaboration with the leisure and cultural structures of the Champagne region (Nigloland and la Cité du Vitrail) the club launched a digital acquisition campaign based on an online competition.

The outcome ? A sold-out stadium which allowed the club to welcome new contacts into its database and to whom it will be able to communicate its various offers in the future.

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