5 automated emails to strengthen your relationship with your audience

We can't stress this enough: one of the keys to building audience loyalty lies in establishing a personalized dialogue. And personalized dialogue means customized communications. Designing communications for each type of audience and each visitor experience can be time-consuming if you plan to do it manually.
That's where marketing automation comes in.

Marketing automation is a function integrated into Arenametrix CRM. It enables you to automate marketing actions (sending an email or SMS, segmenting your contacts, etc.) according to your audience's expectations (planning a visit, discovering your offers, using a membership card, etc.).

Particularly interesting for event organizers, marketing automation is a great tool for building audience loyalty. Let's take a look at 5 examples of actions you can automate.

Welcome email

It seems obvious, but it still needs to be implemented. The welcome email is an excellent way to start a dialogue with your new contacts. This email can be used to provide information about your mission or your programming to a new contact who doesn't yet know you. Start the dialogue with a relational, rather than transactional, approach by introducing yourself before promoting ticket purchases for events. Differentiate welcome emails based on whether they're for new newsletter subscribers or first-time buyers.

Pre-event email

Sanitary conditions, nearby transportation options, parking, available services (checkroom, bar, restaurant, etc.): the amount of information you can make available to the public to help them prepare for their visit is considerable.
This information is generally available on your website, where the public can consult it. Is this enough? A pre-event email will enable you to provide your audience with personalized information, while highlighting important elements that will make their experience more fluid : a parking lot under construction, the introduction of a shuttle bus or car pool, the availability of a catering service. For institutions like Château de Versailles Spectacles, Folies Gruss or Maison de la Poésie, pre-event emails are highly effective mechanisms, with open rates typically ranging from 80% to 90%.

Post-event email

And after the event? Your post-show email strategy depends on your objectives. Like Folies Gruss you can :
  • promote another event in your programming that might be of interest to the public. You're free to include an exceptional price offer with this email.
  • during festive seasons, present gift offers to offer the spectator who had a good time at your show the chance to offer the same experience to their loved ones.
  • set up an awareness questionnaire. This survey can give you a better idea of how your audience heard about your event and why they came: posters, word of mouth, press, newsletters...
  • set up a satisfaction survey. This survey can be used to ask spectators how their experience went. Are there any detractors in the audience? This email can help you identify them, so you can personalize their experience: call them, reassure them, and offer a stronger experience from a true customer relationship management perspective.

The welcome email in a loyalty program
For organizations offering membership programs, passes, or subscriptions, nurturing loyalty is crucial. Implementing automatic welcome emails upon purchase, as done by Maison de la Poésie , is essential to engage and retain members. Additionally, consider creating email series to remind members of their benefits and upcoming events.

End-of-membership or gift card reminder email

For annual subscriptions, your audience may forget the expiry date and let the renewal period pass. Don't hesitate to send them an email 30 to 15 days before their subscription expires to encourage them to renew. Don't hesitate to offer a discounted rate, and to promote what's exceptional in your programming over the coming months.
What about gift cards? While gift cards have been on a roll over the past two years, analyses show that there is still a proportion of gift cardholders who forget to use them before they expire. A trend that can lead to frustration. So don't forget to remind purchasers of unused gift cards that they're about to expire with an automatic email - your audience will thank you!
These five examples are just a taste of what marketing automation can achieve. Ideal for building audience loyalty, the marketing automation tool is also very powerful to develop new audiences.