The CRM and marketing platform for cultural and sports organizations

A collaborative tool to centralize your data, providing the best experience possible to your audiences and meeting your development objectives.

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Our customers

Over 180 sports and cultural organizations use Arenametrix on a daily basis.


Arenametrix is a marketing platform designed for event organizers.
With Arenametrix, you can centralize and leverage the data from your digital tools to serve your teams and your audiences.

Audience knowledge

Transactional, socio-demographic, behavioral data... Arenametrix helps you sort through your data to operate what’s most valuable, understanding your individual and professional audiences’ behaviors.

Activation and experience

With Arenametrix, you have access to a suite of tools enabling you to reach your audiences in a personalized way, at the right time and on the right communication channel: email, sms, WhatsApp, chat, social networks…

Optimization and evaluation

Our all-in-one tool gives you a 360-degree view of your teams' work and the results of your marketing actions. Your teams can collaborate more effectively, move away from Excel files and optimize time-consuming tasks.


Arenametrix centralizes your data from various sources (ticketing, access control, online stores and other digital tools),
eliminating duplicates for you to use your data  across a variety of modules to support your business.



The CRM module gives you a 360-degree view of your audience interactions. Contact points with your individual and professional audiences are centralized on a single contact card. Your data gives you a better understanding of your audiences. Your segmentation is more intuitive and your targeting more effective.


Marketing campaigns

Arenametrix's multi-channel campaign management tool enables you to target your audiences on the channels that are most relevant to your contacts’ profile and your objectives. Thanks to the Campaigns module, you can reach your contacts via email, SMS, WhatsApp, chat or social networks.

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Marketing automation

The Marketing Automation module in Arenametrix is a time-saver with its automation features. You can leverage this module to enhance your sales performance (by following up on abandoned shopping carts or promoting loyalty schemes), improve your audience's experience (providing pre- and post-event information), or ensure proper management of your database (ensuring GDPR compliance).

data analysis


Data centralization, audience knowledge and multi-channel communication must serve your organization's objectives. Evaluating these objectives is crucial to the sustainability of your business. With the Analysis module, you can precisely measure the impact of your strategy, thanks to advanced performance and key indicator analysis functionalities.

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BtoB contacts management

Arenametrix helps you optimize your relationships with your business contacts. The BtoB contacts management module supports all teams (groups, sponsorship, individual giving, public relations, specific public press, etc.) in their day-to-day work, with project follow-up, task management and results visualization functionalities.

Nos sources de données principales

Visualize your marketing campaigns with concrete metrics that you can pull into any report or presentation

Our customers say it best

“We have been working with Arenametrix for several seasons on building a customer database. The objective is to increase the touchpoints from year to year (purchase on the ticketing system, newsletter registration, online competitions, etc.) in order to expand the database and then segment it to send the right message to the right person, at the right time. Indeed, the results are encouraging, with an interesting evolution of our database over the years.”

“We needed a solution that could meet our marketing objectives, in particular to centralise our database (and qualify it), our emailing and marketing automation mailings. In addition, we wanted a tool that could measure and analyse our activity. We now have a centralised, easy-to-access database. Running newsletter campaigns and automation is quick and easy. We rely on CRM data to implement our marketing strategies and improve our customer experience and loyalty.”

"Arenametrix is the CRM tool we use within the sites of Rouen Sites & Monuments (Métropole de Rouen). Tailor-made support for the teams in the ramp-up of the use of the tool and in particular on multi-site promotion strategy. Enrichment of the visitor journey thanks to marketing automation. Better understanding of visitors through cross-referencing of data sources and sales from different sites."

“We needed to integrate a CRM service into our digital and customer relations ecosystem. Today, with Arenametrix we manage all communications with our different segments. We can work on our segmentations with this reliable tool. Very positive, the tools are reliable, the Arenametrix employees always listen to us. The deliverability rates are very good. Connections to data sources are extremely reliable. A success for our club.”

“Arenametrix accompanied us on the topics of data integration, on setting up automation scenario as well as the improvement of our emailing opening stats. Result: the data is very reliable. Good results on automation scenarios..”

“As part of the digital strategy of the Théâtre Saint-Gervais in Geneva, Arenametrix helped us to bring together in one place our different databases, which were all independent of each other and therefore did not give us a real overview of our audience. Not only is the time spent designing our campaigns and segmenting our contacts infinitely shorter than before, we also have access to ticketing data by performance without having to log in to our ticketing system. Everyone can therefore have an overview of the attendance in real time.”

“Thanks to Arenametrix for its (almost) daily support with the FFBB. Together, we are developing and will continue to develop our relationship with our licensees and fans. Several objectives: to work on the data and our contact databases (lists / segments) and to optimise all our communications to send the right messages to the right people (thematic newsletters and marketing automation).”

“Arenametrix allows us to collect our ticketing data to expand our contact database for email communication campaigns and to target contacts according to precise data. We see high opening rates on our emails sent to targeted audiences.”

“We called on Arenametrix to build our mailing strategy for the opening of our new exhibition, with the aim of informing our audiences and inviting them to visit the museum. Support on a relevant mailing strategy, segmenting our audiences to adapt our message.”

“Arenametrix helped us to work on the targeting of our mailings. We regularly work on the tree structure and the reorganisation of our database. We have also been working on a reorganisation of the mapping, because we regularly change ticketing providers, and the data is not reported in the same way from one provider to another. The team remained attentive to find the most suitable solution. Finally, the new features of Arenametrix are innovative and allow a real improvement in use as well as their regular training videos very useful. Better email deliverability, more efficient campaigns.”

“We wanted to set up several Marketing Automation scenarios. With Arenametrix, we were able to quickly create scenarios and structure our contact groups and campaigns. We were also able to test and set up Whatsapp and SMS campaigns. Data remains the most important, so we were also able to create different forms that allow us to increase our contact base and segment it according to the touchpoints and messages to be conveyed. We have noticed a significant increase in our contact base (+15% year-on-year). But above all, we are able to better segment our customers, in order to move them forward in our purchase funnel and build loyalty.”

“The Château de Fontainebleau needed a tool to gather its data and be able to manage its relationship with visitors more precisely. Arenametrix supported us in 2023 on the deployment of a CRM to meet this challenge. Training of the teams and integration of the first data into the tool. Tailor-made support to ensure the development of the teams.”

Frequently Asked Question

What is Arenametrix?

Arenametrix is a software platform specializing in marketing tools for developing and engaging audiences in cultural institutions, sports organizations and leisure venues. In concrete terms, the Arenametrix solution makes it possible to collect, analyze and exploit audience data gathered via various data sources such as ticketing tools, newsletters, websites, access control, mobile applications, digital guest books...

Who is Arenametrix designed for?

Arenametrix is designed for cultural, sports and leisure organizations that want to use data to better understand and develop their audiences, and offer them the best possible experience.

What types of data are collected?

Arenametrix enables the collection and centralization of a wide range of data, such as ticketing, online store, mobile application, access control and satisfaction data, providing a comprehensive view of audience interaction and engagement.

How does data collection work with Arenametrix?

Data collection differs according to the nature of the data (ticketing data, satisfaction data, mobile application, access control, etc.). The Arenametrix solution connects to the service provider's software via an API key to collect, aggregate and clean the data, making it available in a single database.

Does Arenametrix offer integrations with other software?

Yes, Arenametrix offers integrations with other commonly used tools and software, such as ticketing systems, newsletters, websites, access control, mobile applications, digital guest books and more. You can find them here.

What guarantees does Arenametrix offer regarding personal data protection?

Arenametrix attaches great importance to data protection and complies with current regulations, such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). User data is handled securely and transparently.

How much does Arenametrix cost?

The cost of Arenametrix depends on various factors, including the size of the organization, the functionality required and the length of the commitment. Contact us directly for a personalized quote.