Use case Château de Chantilly :
Measure and improve visitor satisfaction using an automated scenario.

Château de Chantilly

Le Château de Chantilly offers a rich and varied cultural program:
exhibitions, equestrian shows, public events and hosts exceptional private events all year round.

The Château de Chantilly varied cultural program attracts visitors with distinct profiles and interests.
Thus, the Château quickly identified the need to centralize its customer data to meet its public knowledge objectives.

Among the different types of data collected, the castle teams have a particular interest in visitor satisfaction to benefit from feedback on the visitor experience.

Ensuring effective monitoring of this indicator requires not only measuring satisfaction at the appropriate time, but also automating subsequent actions based on the different types of feedback obtained.

For exemple :

- In the event of very negative feedback: a telephone call is initiated by an agent for better understanding.

- In the event of very positive feedback: visitors are redirected to Tripadvisor so that they can share their experience publicly.

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