Collecting your audience's feedback

At the heart of a cultural organization's strategy to improve its audience experience lies a crucial question: "How do I assess my audience's satisfaction after an event?". This question is an essential step in driving decisions about the future of customer experience and programming.

In addition to evaluating the success of past events and improving future ones, soliciting audience feedback helps to: 

  • Strengthen the relationship with your audience by giving them a voice

  • Gather additional information to better understand and segment your audience

  • Promote your programming : positive feedback can be transformed into content to share with future audiences.

This article explores the importance of collecting post-event satisfaction and outlines 5 effective examples to find out what your audience thinks.

1. Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne commitment level forms

Email offers a privileged channel for engaging with the audience after an event, and provides valuable feedback. The first method involves including a link to a satisfaction survey in your post-event emails. This form can contain multiple-choice questions, satisfaction scales, open comments to gather in-depth feedback...
The aim is to make the process interactive and engaging, encouraging the contact to take a few minutes to respond.

To reflect the unique experience of each participant, personalizing the form is essential. By segmenting your audience according to their typology and commitment (first-time buyers, occasional visitors and loyal customers), solicit your audience with questions tailored to their profile and frequency of attendance.

Capture d’écran 2024-06-03 à 11.52.39

First time-buyer form

 Capture d’écran 2024-06-03 à 11.53.33

Form for existing audiences


2. Interactive email from Parrot World

Turn a thank-you email into an opportunity to obtain information about your contacts and understand what they thought of their visit. Incorporate interactive buttons that allow participants to express their satisfaction with a simple click.

Capture d’écran 2024-05-31 à 17.31.32

Thank you email


3. Customized scenarios at Château de Chantilly

Once overall satisfaction has been assessed through a quick and simple survey, send personalized responses based on their level of satisfaction: 

  • a more detailed survey for those less satisfied

  • Links to review platforms such as Google Reviews or TripAdvisor for highly satisfied audience. By encouraging them to share their experience and leave comments, you turn them into ambassadors for your future events. 

Capture d’écran 2024-05-31 à 17.32.05

Email after excellent rating (5/5)


Capture d’écran 2024-05-31 à 17.35.25

Email after an average rating (3 or 4/5)


Capture d’écran 2024-05-31 à 17.35.35

Email after a negative rating (1 or 2/5)

4. Théâtre 100 Noms enhances its website

By incorporating a direct link in the post-event email, recipients can easily comment on the show directly on your event's web page.

Not only do you collect feedback, but you also generate authentic content that can be used to promote these events to futur audiences. By encouraging the public to share their opinions directly on the event page, you create an engaged online community and demonstrate your transparency when it comes to feedback.

> Discover our use case with Théâtre 100 Noms <

5. On site feedback collection at La Monnaie de Paris

In situ devices allow to collect opinions on the spot, as soon as the experience is over. Guestviews can be used to collect satisfaction data such as comments, Net Promoter Scores and criteria evaluations on the experience they have just had.

La Monnaie de Paris offers its visitors a GuestViews real time listening interface, on kiosks integrated into the scenography at the end of the visit. The connection between Arenametrix and Guestviews automatically feeds the data collected via the device into the CRM. This notably allows adding new qualified contacts to the database and completing the profiles of existing contacts with data from the guestbook.

Arenametrix also detects contacts who have already contributed to the GuestViews guestbook, and generates a post-visit email with dynamic content: all those who have not already responded are asked to share their feedback. This avoids over-soliciting contacts who have already provided their feedback through automated targeting

2016_Monnaie de Paris_Borne GuestViews_4

Implementation of the digital guestbook for la monnaie de Paris


What's next?

Once you've collected your audience satisfaction data, it's essential to take action to capitalize on this valuable information. Here are some important steps to follow :

  • Analyze the data: Start by taking a close look at the results of your satisfaction survey. Identify trends, strengths and areas for improvement. This analysis will provide you with essential insights to guide your next actions.

  • Make the most of your success: If your survey reveals aspects that are highly valued by your audience, be sure to highlight them.

  • Identify areas for improvement: Based on less positive comments and evaluations, identify areas where improvements are needed.

  • Establish an action plan: Set clear and specific goals, along with strategies to achieve them.

  • Communicate with your audience: Let your audience know what you're doing to address their concerns and improve their experience. Transparency and open communication will strengthen your audience's trust and commitment to your organization.

  • Track progress: Implement monitoring mechanisms to regularly assess progress in implementing your action plan. Continue to gather feedback and evaluations to ensure that your improvement initiatives produce the desired results.

Gathering audience satisfaction after a cultural event is not a formality, but rather an essential strategy for shaping your future events. By harnessing the power of email and adopting innovative approaches, cultural institutions can create interactive experiences, boost audience engagement, and use this feedback to improve future events.

An on-site approach also offers a valuable opportunity to engage the audience immediately after leaving the venue, capturing fresh impressions and authentic emotions by embracing satisfaction gathering technologies such as GuestViews, for example.