About us

Passionate about sport and culture Ludovic Bordes and Kevin Vitoz created Arenametrix in 2013 with the idea of strengthening the emotional ties between cultural and sporting institutions and their audiences.

Today, we're a close-knit team of 40 people based in France and abroad, sharing a common set of values.

Les équipes Arenametrix

Our values

A sense of community

Solidarity and empathy to understand each other's challenges. Determination to find solutions together. Valuing successes and sharing good times.

The culture of quality

Always striving for progress and pulling each other up. Personal responsibility: all employees are entrepreneurs in their own right.

Social responsibility

The principles of inclusion, ethics and environmental sobriety are taken into account in our decisions.

Our commitments 

Arenametrix could have chosen to support all business sectors in managing their data and marketing strategies. But out of passion as much as reason, we chose to specifically support organizers of cultural and sporting events.

We made this choice because we are convinced that these sectors play a major role in the development of our societies, in the education of our children, in the well-being of our citizens and in bringing our communities together. And because we believe that these sectors must be able to implement best tools to multiply their social and economic impact and encourage the involvement of their audiences, we develop solutions that enable them to achieve these objectives, whatever their size, budget or organizational structure.

In 2022, Arenametrix began a project to assess its social and environmental impact in several stages: 

  • carbon footprint assessment, 
  • implementation of a reduction plan,
  • raising employee awareness,
  • planning CSR actions going beyond the carbon footprint.

Our first carbon footprint evaluation enabled us to measure the impact of our employees' activities (wroking from the office/remotedly, travel, equipment, etc.), the use of digital tools (servers, applications) and the use of our solution (connection to the platform, data processing and hosting, etc.). 

The first carbon assessment concluded that Arenametrix's impact is 95tCO2e (tonnes of CO2 equivalent), or 1.5 tonnes per employee.

Controlling our impact:

To improve our performance, we set up a project led by 10 volunteer employees. These employees have proposed an action plan to reduce our impact: 

  • controlling travels: we are striving to reduce our travel by locating our offices as close as possible to our customers (Paris, Barcelona, Montreal, Vienna, Berlin, Rome), by using videoconferencing and by adopting a responsible travel charter that strongly favors rail travel.

  • limiting the impact of our equipment:  we are extending the lifespan of our equipment. To avoid duplication of cell phone equipment, we compensate our sales staff when they choose to use a single phone for both professional and personal use ("Bring Your Own Device" policy).

  • choice of suppliers: whenever possible, we give preference to suppliers offering local and seasonal products. This principle is an integral part of our purchasing policy, enabling us to choose the most responsible option even when it is more expensive (up to a maximum cost overrun of 30%).

  • data hosting: our customers' data is fully hosted on several remote servers in the Ile-de-France region, 95% of which are powered by non-nuclear renewable energy (target 100% by 2025).

Gender equality is an obvious commitment at Arenametrix, and we are committed on a daily basis to building teams that are as evenly matched as possible, where equality and inclusion are respected realities.

In addition to equal pay, we focus on all the issues that promote equality: gender diversity in the workplace, promotion to key positions, work-life balance, and the fight against all forms of discrimination and violence.

Arenametrix scored 96/100 on the gender equality index (*provision of the 2018 "Avenir" law aimed at eliminating pay gaps between women and men, mandatory for 50+ employees).

To sharpen their understanding of the social and environmental challenges facing the digital sector, all Arenametrix employees will be invited to take part in a Climate Fresk in 2024.